Hacienda el Sueño


Rental terms and conditions

1. Application

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to all offers, reservations and agreements with regard to all accommodations and other facilities, which are rented by Hacienda el Sueño . Additional conditions can be set on location , these then apply in addition to these General Terms and Conditions. If there is a conflict between the General Terms and Conditions and the additional terms and conditions, the additional terms and conditions shall prevail .

1.2 A 'Tenant' is the person who enters into an agreement with the Lessor regarding the temporary rental/use of accommodation . The term 'Users' means the persons who stay in the accommodation together with the Tenant.

1.3 These General Terms and Conditions apply regardless of whether the Renter refers to any own terms and conditions or to other general terms and conditions.

1.4 Agreements deviating from these General Terms and Conditions are only valid if agreed in writing .

2. Reservations

2.1 Lessor will only process reservations from persons who are 18 years or older. Reservations by persons younger than that age are therefore not valid.

2.2 The lessor reserves the right, without stating reasons, to refuse deviating reservations, in particular groups and stays that are not of a recreational nature, but not exclusively, or to impose special conditions on them.

2.3 If the Lessor processes a reservation, the Lessor will send the Lessee a (written) order confirmation within 14 days, including an invoice. The order confirmation as well as the invoice must be checked for correctness immediately after receipt. Any inaccuracies must be communicated to the Lessor immediately, but in any case within 8 days.

2.4 If the Tenant is not in possession of a written order confirmation including invoice within 14 days after the reservation has been made, the Tenant must immediately contact the reservation department, failing which the reservation cannot be invoked.

2.5 An agreement is concluded between the Lessee and the Lessor at the moment that the Lessor has sent the order confirmation.

2.6 The agreement concerns the rental of accommodation and/or other facilities , which by its nature is of a short duration.

3. Changes to the Agreement

3.1 If the Lessee wishes to make changes to the agreement after the agreement has been concluded, the Lessor is not obliged to accept them. It is at the Lessor's discretion to determine whether and to what extent those changes are accepted by it. In the event that the Lessor accepts the changes, the Lessor may charge amendment costs.

3.2 The Lessor is permitted, if there are circumstances that give rise to this, to adjust the reservation in reasonableness and fairness. This may mean, among other things, that one or more other objects are offered as an alternative.

4. Substitution

4.1 The Lessee and other users of the leased property are not permitted to hand over the accommodation, under whatever name and for whatever reason, to persons other than the persons named in the agreement, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Lessor.

4.2 If a replacement of the user(s) takes place, the original tenant remains obliged to pay the part of the rent still owed, the amendment costs (see art. 3.1) and any additional costs resulting from the replacement and any cancellation costs .

5. Prices

5.1 The Lessee owes the Lessor the agreed rental price, as stated in the written confirmation and invoice of the reservation. If the costs of the Lessor (personnel, energy, taxes, etc.) have demonstrably and unexpectedly increased after the agreement has been concluded, the Lessor has the right to increase its prices and to charge the increased price to the Lessee. If this price increase will be implemented within 3 months after the agreement has been concluded, that price increase will amount to a maximum of 5% of the previously agreed price and the Lessee has the right to dissolve (cancel) the agreement on that ground.

5.2 Price discounts and/or special offers can no longer be used if the order confirmation has been sent by the Lessor.

5.3 All prices are, insofar as applicable, inclusive of VAT unless stated otherwise.

5.4 It is not possible to combine different discounts.

5.5 Discount promotions do not apply to bookings with a stay longer than three weeks.

6. Extra cost

6.1 In addition to the rent, the Tenant also owes additional costs, as described in the price annex. The total amount owed by the Lessee is referred to as the 'Reservation Value'.

7. Payments

7.1 Before reservations , a 50 % deposit is due within 14 days of booking. The second 50% of the rent must be paid no later than 14 days before arrival. For bookings that take place within 14 days before arrival, the entire reservation value must be paid.

7.2 In the event of late payment of the amounts invoiced to the Hirer, the Hirer will be in default immediately after expiry of the term for payment. In that case, the lessor reserves the right to dissolve (cancel) the agreement with effect from the day that the period of 14 days has expired. The Lessee is then liable for all damage that the Lessor suffers or will suffer as a result, including all costs that the Lessor has had to incur in connection with the reservation and the dissolution, and the Lessee also owes statutory interest. In addition to the foregoing, the Lessor has in any case the right to charge cancellation costs per accommodation. In that case, the provisions of Article 12 apply.

7.3 The Lessor always has the right to set off claims against the Lessee for whatever reason against the amounts paid by the Lessee for whatever reason.

8. Arrival and departure

8.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the rented accommodation can be occupied on the agreed day of arrival as stated on the booking confirmation from 16:00 and the accommodation must be vacated on the agreed day of departure as stated on the booking confirmation before 11:00 a.m. become.

8.2 If the Lessee wishes to continue the agreement with the Lessor for a longer period than the agreed period and the Lessor agrees to this, the Lessor is always entitled to designate another accommodation.

8.3 If the use of the accommodation and/or other facility is terminated earlier than on the agreed date, as stated on the reservation confirmation, the Tenant is not entitled to a refund of (part of) the rent and/or costs.

9. Pets

9.1 Depending on the accommodation, a maximum of 1 or 2 pets of the Lessee or Users are allowed by the Lessor. If the Renter and/or other Users wish to bring pet(s) with them, the Renter must indicate this immediately when booking. In that case, the Lessor may charge the Lessee a surcharge. The lessor reserves the right - without stating reasons - to refuse pets on the premises . In any case, pets are not allowed in some types of accommodations.

9.2 Pets are not allowed access to water features, swimming pools, restaurants, indoor center facilities and other public places on the property (unless otherwise indicated locally). Pets must be kept on a leash outside the property. Directions on site must be followed. The pets may not cause a nuisance to the other guests.

9.3 A dog bed must be brought along and a flea collar for dogs/cats is mandatory.

9.4 Visitors' pets are allowed for a fee, provided the maximum is not exceeded.

9.5 For the transport of animals to countries within the EU, they must be in possession of a passport according to the European model (from 3 July 2004). The animals must be vaccinated against rabies and identification by means of a chip or tattoo is mandatory. The tenant is responsible for having the correct travel documents required for the destination.

10. Use accommodation

10.1 The tenant must use the rented property in an orderly manner and act with due care.

10.2 The Tenant and/or the Users are jointly and severally liable for an orderly course of affairs in and around the rented accommodation or on the location.

10.3 Public drunkenness and drug use are not allowed.

10.4 In addition, the Lessee and/or Users are always jointly and severally liable for damage caused by breakage and/or loss and/or damage to inventory and/or accommodation. Any damage must be immediately reported by the Lessee and/or Users to the Lessor and immediately reimbursed on the spot, unless the Lessee can demonstrate that the occurrence of the damage is not due to the fault of himself, Users or one of the members. of his company.

10.5 If the Lessee and/or Users and/or third parties present on behalf of the Lessee or Users cause nuisance of whatever nature, or are guilty of misconduct, the Lessor may dissolve the agreement with immediate effect. In any case, there is nuisance or misconduct if other guests or employees of Hacienda el Sueño qualify this as such. If the agreement is dissolved due to nuisance or misconduct, the Lessee will not be entitled to a refund of the rent.

10.6 The Lessor is allowed to enter the accommodation without the prior permission of the Lessee or User in all cases where this is necessary with regard to the service to be provided by the Lessor. Entry can then take place without the presence of the Renter or User.

10.7 Charging electric cars is only permitted in the places set up for this purpose. It is expressly not permitted to charge such vehicles using the accommodation's power supply.

10.8 It is not allowed to smoke in the accommodation. When acting in violation of this provision, additional costs may be charged.

11. Deposit

11.1 The Lessor may require a deposit from the Lessee before or at the start of the stay.

The deposit can be determined taking into account the total number of persons of the Tenant and Users staying in an accommodation

11.2 The total amount of the deposit must:

- to guarantee damage and/or costs -in the broadest sense of the word- that the Lessor may suffer in the event of non-compliance with the obligations of the Lessee and the Users;

- to guarantee compliance with the rules in general, in particular the rules regarding noise pollution, the use of (soft) drugs and the abuse of alcohol.

11.3 In the event that the deposit is not paid immediately, the Lessor is entitled to deny the Lessee and/or other Users access to and use of the accommodation.

11.4 If the Lessee fails to pay the deposit, the Lessor is entitled to dissolve (cancel) the agreement with immediate effect.

11.5 The deposit or any remainder thereof will be paid after settlement of claims (damage to inventory/accommodation and/or other costs) of the Lessor against the Lessee and/or Users and/or after deduction as a result of non- (repeated) compliance with the rules by the Renter and/or Users, refundable. Any (further) claims for compensation are not nullified by this refund.

12. Cancellation fees

12.1 If a reservation is cancelled, cancellation costs are due. In case of cancellation up to 28 days before the day of arrival, these amounts are 25% of the Reservation Value and in case of cancellation from the 28th day before arrival or later the entire Reservation Value.

12.2 If the Lessee has not arrived within 24 hours after the agreed date without further notice, this will be considered a cancellation.

13. Force majeure and changes

13.1 In the event that the Lessor is not, or is temporarily unable to perform the agreement in whole or in part due to force majeure, it will submit a proposal to the Lessee within 14 days after it has become aware of the impossibility of fulfilling the agreement ( for different accommodation, different period, different location, etc.).

13.2 Force majeure on the part of the Lessor exists if the execution of the agreement is wholly or partially, temporarily or otherwise, prevented by circumstances beyond the Lessor's control, including, but not limited to, danger of war, personnel strikes, blockades, fire, pandemics and epidemics, government interventions, floods and other disturbances or events.

13.3 The tenant is entitled to reject the amendment proposal. If the Lessee rejects the amendment proposal, the Lessee must make this known (depending on the commencement date of the rent at the latest) within 14 days of receipt of the amendment proposal. In that case, the Lessor has the right to dissolve the agreement with immediate effect. The tenant is then entitled to remission and/or refund of (the part of) the rent already paid. The lessor will not be obliged to pay compensation for any damage.

14. Cancellation

14.1 The Lessor has the right at all times to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, both if the personal details of the Lessee and/or other users are provided incompletely and/or incorrectly at the time of reservation, and if the Lessee and/or other User(s) in the opinion of the Lessor, misbehave in such a way that maintenance of the lease cannot be demanded. In such case, no refund of the Reservation Value or any part thereof will be made.

15. Liability

15.1 If the law does not oppose this, the Lessor will limit its liability in the ways referred to in this Article 15. The lessor accepts no liability for theft (including theft from bungalow safes and pool lockers), loss or damage of or to property or persons, of whatever nature, during or as a result of a stay and/or the rental/use of accommodation and /or other facilities of the Lessor, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of the Lessor or its employees.

15.2 Liability for damage consisting of loss of travel enjoyment or business and other consequential damage is excluded under all circumstances. Furthermore, the lessor is under no circumstances liable for damage for which there is a claim for compensation under a travel and/or cancellation insurance or any other insurance.

15.3 Lessor is not liable for disruptions in the service or defects in services provided or goods delivered by third parties.

15.4 Liability based on tort is in any case limited to a maximum of € 5 0.000,- for personal accidents per guest per stay and liability for material damage is in any case limited to a maximum of € 1. 0 00.- per Tenant/ User per stay.

15.5 The Lessee is jointly and severally liable with the Users for all loss and/or damage to the rented accommodation and/or other property of the Lessor (as well as the owner of the accommodation if this is not the Lessor) arising during or through the use thereof by the Lessee and/or Users, travel companions and/or third parties who are on the site with the tenant's permission , regardless of whether this is the result of acts or omissions by the tenant, Users, travel companions and/or third parties who are in or around the rented object with the tenant's permission. located.

15.6 The Lessee indemnifies the Lessor against all claims with regard to damage from third parties that are (partly) the result of any act or omission of the Lessee itself, Users, travel companions or third parties who are in or around the Leased Property with the Lessee's permission .

15.7 In case of incorrect use or incorrect leaving, including but not limited to excessive pollution, extra costs will be charged, which the tenant is then obliged to pay to the Lessor immediately.

16. Complaints

16.1 Despite the care and efforts of the Lessor, the Lessee may be of the opinion that the Lessee has a justified complaint with regard to the holiday accommodation. The Tenant must first report this complaint on site and immediately after it has arisen or is discovered at the reception of the accommodation. If the complaint is not handled to the Tenant's satisfaction, the Tenant must take further steps at the latest within 1 month after departure from the accommodation, on pain of forfeiture of any claim.

16.2 Complaints can be submitted in writing using the form on the website page www.haciendaelsueno.nl/feedback .

17. Applicable law

17.1 The agreement between the Lessee and the Lessor is exclusively governed by Dutch law.

jurisdiction to hear any disputes that have arisen or will arise as a result of this agreement .

18. Travel documents

18.1 The Lessee is responsible for having the valid travel documents required for the Lessee's destination. Lessor accepts no liability for the consequences resulting from not being in possession of the correct travel documents.

19. Privacy

19.1 Lessor will always treat all personal data provided or made known to it in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The landlord does not make your personal data available to third parties except for processing the data by third parties . It will use the data itself (and only ) to keep you informed of important news regarding Hacienda el Sueño and interesting offers and/or arrangements.

19.2 At the Lessee's request, the Lessor will correct, supplement, delete or shield the Lessee's data, if, for example, the data is factually incorrect. This may mean that the Lessee can no longer use (part of) the services of the Lessor. See our Privacy Statement in detail for what is stated in this point.

20. General

20.1 Obvious printing and typographical errors are not binding on the Lessor.

20.2 With these General Terms and Conditions, all previous rental conditions are null and void.


21. House rules


Dear guest,

We think it is important that everyone who stays at Hacienda el Sueño has a good time. We have therefore drawn up some rules together. In addition to these House Rules, our General Terms and Conditions for Rental apply.

In any case, let us know if we can help you with anything.

Have a nice time in Mijas !

Treat all guests, everyone's privacy and ( others ) property with respect. Do not cause any nuisance. Aggression, in any form, is never acceptable.

Be aware of noise nuisance, that should never be the case. It must be extra quiet after 10 p.m., from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. the 'night rest' applies and it should be quiet.
Follow the directions of our employees. 

The booking confirmation states the date and time from which the accommodation can be used.

A security deposit may be requested upon arrival or upon booking. In case of a rental period of more than 8 weeks, a deposit is required as standard.

If there are any defects or questions about the apartment, please notify us immediately.

On the day of departure, the key to the accommodation must be returned by 11.00 am, unless otherwise agreed/stated.

In case of loss of keys, the costs for replacing the key and possibly the locks will be charged.

Please leave the accommodation in good condition and tidy and remove the beds. The waste can be placed in the appropriate containers.

In the case of a deposit, the amount will be refunded afterwards, provided that the accommodation has been found to be in order after inspection. Any damage will be recovered from the tenant and/or settled with the deposit.

Cars on the site
The regular traffic rules apply on the site . The maximum speed is 10 km/h (walking pace). Pedestrians and (playing) children always have right of way. No cars or other motor vehicles are allowed on the property between 11pm and 7am .

Each apartment has its own parking space. Parking is only allowed in the private parking lot.
With a view to calamities and accessibility for emergency services, paths, access roads and barriers must always remain free of means of transport and other obstacles.

Business/work (delivery) vans and trailers are not allowed in the parking spaces at the accommodations unless we have given permission for this.

Electric cars can be charged at the designated charging stations. It is absolutely not allowed to charge an electric car from the holiday home.

It is not permitted to carry out repairs and/or wash motor vehicles unless places have been designated for this purpose.

Use of accommodation
The holiday accommodation is owned by individual owners and therefore each has its own personal design. It is therefore important to treat the furniture and other belongings with respect. It is not allowed to move, move or take furniture outside. The garden furniture also belongs to the relevant location and may therefore not be moved to other holiday accommodations or other locations. The same goes for the rest of the inventory.

Use water and electricity responsibly. If no one is present in the rented accommodation, the lighting, air conditioning or heating must be switched off.

Damage to the accommodation or the interior and/or the lack of items will be recovered from the responsible guest.

When you are not present in or near the accommodation, all loose items such as toys, etc. around the accommodation must be cleaned up/stored and placed out of sight. Bicycles are not allowed to be placed in the accommodation.

Smoking is not allowed in the accommodations, unless specifically stated otherwise. Smoking is allowed outside on the terrace, but please dispose of ashes and butts properly after you have smoked.

Party tents, side tents, canopies
It is never allowed to place tents or similar on the site.

Visitors are welcome at the park and do not have to pay for this; we do ask that you register for the visit. Visitors are allowed to use the facilities, such as the swimming pool.

Guests of the tenant must adhere to the same conditions and rules as the tenant.

Visitors' cars must be parked in the central parking lot at the entrance.

Unless otherwise agreed with the park manager, visitors must leave the site before 11 p.m.

If you want visitors to stay overnight, this must be reported at the lobby. They are registered as staying guests and are compulsorily registered with the authorities. For this , costs will be charged for, among other things, tourist tax and services.

Alcohol and drugs
Use of (soft) drugs and abuse of alcohol inside or outside the rented accommodations or the catering facility is not permitted. It is also not allowed to move around the site with opened bottles or cans of alcoholic drink(s) or to consume these drinks in places other than the rented accommodation or at the restaurant . Public intoxication is prohibited in any case.

Use of the swimming pool, wellness or other facilities is at your own risk. There is no supervision at the playgrounds, recreational pond, swimming pool and other play areas.

Due to safety and privacy on the site, drones are not allowed , unless permission has been given by the park manager.


Pets are welcome in the accommodations made available when booking. They may not be present in all other accommodations.

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times on the property. Cats are not allowed to run loose in connection with possible nuisance for other residents/guests.
Pets may only be walked outside the property; In the unlikely event that a pet relieves itself on the premises, clear it up immediately
. Pets may in no way be a nuisance to other guests on the site and are therefore not allowed in facilities such as swimming pools, wellness and catering establishments unless otherwise indicated. Pets are also not allowed to use the water features on the property.

There are various containers in the recycling center to deposit household waste. Do not place household waste next to the accommodation or next to the garbage containers, as this can cause an odor nuisance and also attract vermin.

Business bookings
With a business booking, the company that makes the booking is jointly responsible for the users of the rented accommodation and their compliance with these rules.

Only 1 user per room may stay in a rented accommodation.

The booking party must ensure that the users accommodated in the accommodation are informed when they are due to leave the accommodation and the keys must be returned to the lobby.
If on the day of departure the accommodation is not completely vacated in accordance with the rules before 11.00 am, a new period will be charged to the booking party. After all, the accommodation is then not available in time for new guests, so that they have to be accommodated elsewhere.

Maintenance and cleaning work/malfunctions
Our park manager has the right to enter rented accommodations without prior permission in all cases where this is necessary with regard to the service to be provided, including carrying out maintenance and cleaning work and testing and inspecting installations . Buildings and installations can be temporarily taken out of service for maintenance work, without this entitling to a full or partial refund of the (rental) amounts paid or still to be paid.
When this is possible, the decommissioning will be announced in good time . In urgent cases, an announcement may be waived .

Open fire
Open fire on the site is prohibited due to the risk of fire.

Fireworks Fireworks
are not allowed to put off. On New Year's Eve, the park manager may designate a specific place on or outside the site where fireworks are allowed.

Use of barbecue
The use of a barbecue in the grounds is permitted if it is safe and does not cause any nuisance. The park manager reserves the right to prohibit the use of a barbecue in special circumstances (eg in extreme drought).

Removal from the site/restriction of entry
Violation of the terms and conditions described in this document and/or failure to follow directions from staff may result in immediate removal from the site. In these cases, the guest can be denied further access to the site without this entitling the customer to a full or partial refund of the (rental) amounts paid or still to be paid.

In general, a warning will be given first. In urgent cases, at the discretion of the park manager, this may be waived and a guest will be ordered to leave the site immediately and denied access to the site. The park manager reserves the right to charge an (extra) deposit in the event of a (first) warning.

Our right to claim compensation for damage caused by a tenant and /or guest also remains in force if this tenant is refused further access to the site.

Unforeseen cases
The park manager decides in cases that are not regulated in the General Rental Conditions or this document. The guest has to comply with this.